So long had I travelled the lonely road

I stopped for a moment in my lonely way under the starlight.

I find my place

The lonely road, no longer I roam

We met, and were one in the heart’s desire.

You feel like home to me

Like a comfortable easy chair

A place where I can be myself

Where I can go to be free

In between the warmth of your embrace and the fierceness of your touch, I find my place lost inside your soul.

A place I can call mine.

A place where I can grow old.

(Your soul feels so much like home, that when I met you, I finally understood what they mean when they say Not all who wander are lost. For I always find myself wandering back in your arms… [‘Cynthia Go’] ).

©Elynjay, 2018

(Joycelyn Baah)



You are my source of joy, hope and my dream come true. I need your emotion spread onto my life.

In the darkness and weary night, I need your heart to sing of the great love, seen in your eyes. Let our words remain still and do not make them go dry, don’t think of the misery but the beauty that still remains. 

Together, we will forever remain strong. Be joyous and smile, hug and kiss these candid truths. 

For they proclaim your greatness  to the universe. 

I don’t know what is that you have got but you are holding it over me and I have never felt this free, I have never felt so alive and happy. 

I have got so much love to give to only you, our whole lives through. I love you for you.

It will always be LOVE 😍 AND BEYOND.

Dedicating this to the most wonderful person, “Ritchie”

It will always be LOVE 😍 AND BEYOND.

©Elynjay, 2016.