His heart is as cold as ice 
I try my best to cave through but everything freezes. 

Let me in! I beg. 

His heart; consumed with fear,

Too drunk within his emotions, coward he is 

His walls are up again 

With emotions scarred into his skin with markings of a pen. 

Voice shaking, confused and lost in his thoughts. 

He tells me goodnight, talk to you later. 

My heart screamed No! 

But my lips moved, only for me to say okay. 

Tears well up my eyes

I got sucked into his darkness. 

I let my heart deceive me, believing in something that is long gone. 

And now all my tender parts have departed:

  • Icy frost
  • Rock cold 

©Elynjay1, 2017.


They do not mind when you fall behind.

They do not mind when the world crashes down around you. 

They do not mind when you strive to have a better life.

They do not mind when you are locked up in jail. 

Nobody really cares when you live a life full of shame, when you are troubled and hurt. 

I see them coming after my soul because I had no one to lean on. 

They wanted to take control. 

They wanted me to believe in all the material things like my life depended on it. 

They say it is only what the world had to offer. 

This burden I bare is so hard. 

I know I want to get the most out of life, but if trouble must come, let it come because I am protected by the Most High (JESUS). 


In order to survive 

I rise on a prayer everyday,

That is all I got to take me through .

“PRAYER”; ……. Helping me free myself from everything that holds me captive. 

I will not give in because I AM NOT AFRAID. 

©Elynjay, 2017.



The truth is out

I struggle to contain 

What could I do to change my mind 

It keeps hitting me

The words leaving me unconscious 

Lifeless, I  hit the ground. 

See I am hurting but not broken 

Down but I will not die 

Fell into a hole of weary. 


I am using all my strength to get out of this hole. 

Some say it is a mystery 

How I still believe 

I will rise up from the ashes 

In spite of all I have been through 

Gathering all my strength, I found myself whole again. 

See; ….. I had a power they cannot see with their eyes. 

It’s a little thing called FAITH that makes BROKEN WINGS FLY. 


©Elynjay, 2017.


This world can feel dark many days and in troubling times, darkness can hover closely. Yet God is still there and He reminds us that He’s greater than anything we face in this life. His power is the One who can set us free from the pit we sometimes sink down into.

Most times when one is depressed, there is no motivation to do anything, not even the things we usually love to do. 

You often feel worthless and a burden to others. You stay in door and all you can think of is to sleep. You tend to care little about anyone or anything. You often feel like being stuck in a deep, dark hole with no way out. You feel like you are losing your mind, losing who you are and you sometimes have suicidal thoughts. 

There could be physical factors, thus; depression often runs in families, suggesting that genetics can play a role perhaps affecting chemical activity in the brain. Other risk factors include cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels, as well as ongoing substance abuse, which may intensify depression and anxiety. 


If you suffer from depression, take a reasonable measures to care for your physical and mental health. Create a First Aid Kit for your emotions. 

  • A list of comforting and up building sayings from the Bible, such us Psalm 34:18,57:17;94:19. Philippians 4:6,7.
  • Pray for God’s  power to break through the darkness and cover you, lift you up, out of the place you may find yourself in today. 
  • Believe that nothing is impossible with Him, ask Him for His healing and grace to touch the deepest parts of your life.
  • Matthew 19:26, 2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 4:4.
  • Read more of inspirational sayings and encouraging articles. 
  •  You can as well  listen to your favorite songs that are positive and up building. 
  • Confide in someone you trust, could be a family member, a friend or a mental health professional. 




    • Eat well, Exercise more, Stay active and Get sufficient sleep.  

    PS: Before you think of doing something out of the box, Eg; *suicidal thoughts *, think of the people who love you. 

    Know how much they care about you and always have it in mind that, they need you more than you think. 

    ©Elynjay, 2017.


    The monsters do not live under your bed

    Or around you. 

    They live inside your head 

    Look inside yourself and see how black your heart is. 

    Change your thoughts 

    Kill your monsters and live freely. 

    ©Elynjay, 2016.


    Looking through the mirror, I could see Fear, Rejection, Pain, Guilt, Resentment, Sadness and Bitterness. 
    Nothing in the world could ever change my sadness. I am deeply lonely and can never be happy. I have pretended enough and now I am totally shattered. 

    The anchor that holds me in my pain, stays the same. What I once used to crave, now seems to be what I absolutely detest. I was once surrounded by people who adored me and now the slightest sign of love seems to irk me. 

    I began to associate LOVE with PAIN and all I wish to do is run away from it as far as I can. I managed to convince myself that I am protecting myself from feeling any pain. 

    The walls I put up, the constant need of establishing boundaries, I unquenchable thirst to be alone, just by myself. I felt this phase was blissful .

    • What is it that I want? 
    • What is it that can make me happy? 
    • Do I embrace pain and remain unhappy?. 

    I think am fading, I am so lost. 

    Stop Over thinking


    But looking through me as I stood in front of the mirror with my eyes closed, my inner self felt the need to embrace every moment with a smile…….. So I said; 
    Mirrors are not to be trusted, they lie and steal your true self, they reveal only what your mind believes it see. There is every need to change. 

    Embrace every moment with a smile ☺

    ©Elynjay, 2017.


       Been MIA for some time now due to network problems (bad reception) …. Missed being here, here’s an article to make up for all the days I have been away…  It feels good to be back.    

               An angel appeared to me 

                      at my door step,

                 I cannot believe she heard 

                       my prayers.

                Reaching out her precious

               hand, She pointed to the 

                     dream I had. 

              Guiding me onto a road that

                     takes me on my way. 

              Can this be? I asked in 


              Just believe in yourself is what 

                     she had to say. 

               You are the obstacle who  is

                    standing in your way. 

              To reach or achieve your dream, 

                   you only need to believe

              in yourself and rely on the Lord. 


    ©Elynjay, 2017.



     I fell beneath the shady forest 

    My heart was still racing 

    I was breathing 

    Why did the earth beneath me quiver and rapture? 

    Why was I suddenly freckled with layers of dust? 

    Why did everything start to clatter and crash? 

    I could not see anyone 

    I could not see YOU. 

    My eyes felt heavy 

    Somebody held me by my hand

    I clinged to HIS body like the slightest amount of Hope. 

    HIS touch healed my broken soul 

    And at once, I knew it was LORD. 

    I did not cry, I just couldn’t 

    HE smiled at me and lifted me up 

    I wondered about the stories been told about how wonderful HE is. 

    The good HE did in the world and is still doing 

    How did this happen? 

    Was it my fault I fell?, I asked 

    No!, He said, you just got lost in the world and now you have been found. 

    ©Elynjay, 2017.


    A wind came up one night and then a sudden gust blew the flower that rested next to her. 

    It tossed it like a speck of dust. She looked at it as the wind carried the flower to a different spot across the roadside. 

    Careless, she left the flower and off she went home. Days passed by and the flower was still at the same spot, until clouds formed in the sky and a rain soon did come. 

    The heavy rain moved the flower, and it began its roadside journey. Its stay had been a bore. The rain washed the flower from the roadside till it fell into a creek. 

    Down the creek, the flower was washed towards a cave. Though the flower got destroyed, it made a stop at the cave where its journey ended. 


    The flower represents HOPE 

    And the cave as the CREATOR. 

    The flower ( though got destroyed) stopping at the cave means; 

    * There is hope for those who think they’ve been destroyed with troubles of life or has lost it all. 

    * The light of the lord never stops shinning on those that falls or rest at HIS feet. 

    ©Elynjay, 2017