You will meet different people in your whole life who are truly like an absolete abandoned houses.

Rundown, worn out and collapsing at the seams….. emptying their faces of expression.

They feel even emptier when they look into a broken mirror.

I am not asking you to be their hero by nailing and pinning their rafters with a hammer, fixing their broken mirrors, putting new panes of glass in their windows.

I am simply asking you to open their door and spend a little time memorizing their floor plan.

Get to know them

Connect with them on human level

And when the time comes, I want you to draw back their curtains and let the light through.

And when they feel the light for the very first time, they will know how lucky it feels to be alive.


©invisibleLyn, 2020

(Joycelyn Baah)

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She said it was beautiful and endless,

It was full yet seemed empty.

Among her stillness was a pounding heart.

So later at midnight, I placed an atlas on a table,

Ran my fingers across the world and calmly asked;

Where does it hurt?

She answered,




I asked again… looking at the far end of the atlas,

What do you see?

The facts are painful… but it has a healing effect… she said..


©invisibleLyn, 2020




He went on for some time while you sat listening in silence.

You knew that was all you were ever going to get, ‘REJECTION’.

The picture was beautiful, but it was only for a short while.

You loved him more perfectly, watched him more closely and held on the ambition of a long lasting love…but he had casually thrown it away.

So many feelings misplaced, so many pieces lost. You have been misled into a broken maze with your own will.

Excuses, like the walls were everything you ever needed and stupidity because you knew it was a dead end. Even though, they are your own feelings, you seem not to figure out where you are heading.

Spending much time, energy, and sanity like it was worth it. Get lost and bleed emotions like it’s hard to forget. You disappointed your own self and it’s hard to forget.

Your brain unattended and your heart took the hit, got knocked out and woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Now you are left with a scar and mind full of words unsaid.

©invisibleLyn, 2020

(Joycelyn Baah)

R: Mennah al Rafaey (Goodreads).


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I thought that if I owned nothing, had nothing, was nothing, I would have nothing left to lose, and I would not be scared anymore.

Because my whole life I have been so scared. Scared to live because I was scared to die.

But at the same time I was so scared of living, so I wanted to die. Or maybe so scared of dying that I refused to live.

You don’t have to be afraid to fall, when you are already on the ground.

You don’t have to be scared to lose someone, when there’s no one around to lose.

Charlotte Eriksson (goodreads)
©invisibleLyn, 2019


Thinking about my life and all the mistakes that I have made. The ones I regret and the ones that stay with me.

Who I pretend to be and who I really am

My lips have always craved the taste of lies

Maybe it is because I don’t know what I want

My life is full of lies and there’s no way around it.

It’s already deep intertwined with my soul

My soul is like a black rose 🥀 with blood on its petals and its poisonous ☠️ thorns.

I’m a mistake trying to repent

I am trying but I am wasting away

“Rise above, rise above”

I say to myself over and over again

But all I can do is sink…

I know I have strength and I can be smart

But I’m constantly telling myself otherwise

Those words I repeat in my head with no beginning nor end make my mind no longer a haven I can reside.

My lips still laced with lies

I have created such a toxic cycle

Causing my soul to drown.

Toxic soul (photo credit, Instagram)

©invisibleLyn, 2018

(Joycelyn Baah)


I still remember you in everything I do

I wore you like a bruise proudly on my forehead, displayed for all to see

I still want to tell you about everything right after it happens.

There is no you but I will not let this kill me

You marked me but I survived, as easy as it would be to give up, to give in to this great sadness

I will not let it take control

I will not let it consume me because I am stronger than that

I was broken, empty, depressed and in despair but now I smile.

You will fade and I will still be here, being me…….SURVIVING.

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©invisibleLyn, 2018

(Joycelyn Baah).


In that shutter island room faces away from the sun.

I pick my writing pad, pacing back and forth, all confused.

How can I write when there is nothing

Now my quiet mind sits there in the purple kind.

I think of what is over, forgetting the world around me.


How can I see when all there is, is pain.

The scars on my arms are not as bad as the screams in my head.

How can I be a good a person when all I see is bad.

How do you justify an act of kindness, when all anybody sees is bad.


Graze my brain sockets and tell me what I am missing for my

heart is covered with scars and I seem lost.


©invisibleLyn, 2018


I drown in the depths of your ocean
I suffocate as you take the air I breathe
Too much emotion, making me explode.


I burn by the scorching heat of your dessert
I am lost in your maze of lies.
I am scarred by the blade of your selfishness.


These scars that bind my heart still bleed at the mention
of your name but then I am blinded by the beauty of your light.

Why did I ever think you are beautiful when all these times, all you
ever wanted was to throw me into my grave.


©invisibleLyn, 2018.

(Joycelyn Baah)



Words without sound

In silence I loved him

Love without a song

In silence I have lost him

In silence I’ve longed for his hand

And in silence I’ve met emptiness

Leaving me out cold

Torn and broken

Rejected and scarred

Lifeless and alone

In silence I fell

And in silence I heard my own heart breaking

I loved you once upon a time

But the silence killed us…..

©invisibleLyn, 2018

( Joycelyn Baah).


He asked :

You and me; can’t we be friends?

With tears rolling down her cheeks, she replied….

I told you before, I don’t do stuff like that.

In the beginning , you were a man to me, And now, my heart still calls you my man.

In the future, you will still be my first love. But then let’s pretend nothing ever happened between us.

When we meet, let’s not greet each other.

Let’s not even ask; ” Have you been well? “

Even after a lot of time has passed………..

” It was like that before; just like a memory, let’s not smile and act as if we know each other.

Whatever The Start Was, I loved You…

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©invisibleLyn, 2018.

(Joycelyn Baah)