Ever feel like you are the only one who can see you? 

Like you are invisible to everyone else? 

Alone and sad, she sits by herself. Not full of self wealth, No comfort, No care. Though it’s not really her fault, you see?, well you cannot. Her purpose in life is nearly scant. 

People do not move for her, so she pushes and passes, with her head hung low and her spirit down. There is nothing more for her to do. 

She sulks and drowns in her pool of tears, nobody will listen, nobody really hears her. It’s like the whole world has turned deaf ears on her. 

She has always wanted a friend, though everyone perceives her as a ghost 👻. No one sees her pain, she takes a walk 🚶, where she stops, no one really knows. She strive to be everything, only to realize she is still….. Nothing at all. 

Now she has built a wall around her, A wall so strong to break, Too high to climb. She felt it was safer to be within those walls, To feel nothing at all. This is a symbolism that; she is truly INVISIBLE and that is all she can ever Be. 

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©ElynJay, 2016.


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