Children with special needs are children first. They have the same needs as all children thus; a place where they feel physically comfortable, loved and secure…. They have opportunities to play and learn; people who care about them and activities that allow them to be successful.

I call them Heaven’s Very Special Kids. Though they may need more time to learn and practice certain skills, they may need specific adaptations to help them succeed at certain activities. These children are not so different from typically developing children, they have lots in common and that’s the most important thing to remember.

Kobby kyei who is the C. E. O of #PTUS foundation in support with his team brought smiles on the faces of these kids, having a party for them and donating as well. In his speech, he made it known that kids may need more praise and encouragement to gain the skills typical for their age group. He went on to say kids with special needs need to learn about individuals with disabilities who have become successful in life, advising them to study hard, in this way they can become great leaders and role models to others.

I therefore encourage us to learn how to support these kids with the little we have and to respect them .

I am happy to be in support of the team….


©Elynjay, 2017

(Joycelyn Baah)



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