And I dream I can spread my wings…


Inge Wallage

Emotions were sailing through her body, thoughts occupying her mind. The inner turmoil was too much. Oh, what experience over the last days, deep and beautiful, but also tough and rough. It was as if she needed to get rid of something now. Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn’t hold them back, but then why would she? If people watched her and saw, would it really matter? She closed her eyes. Songs were floating through her veins. She felt the music deep inside her gut and it gave rise to her emotions.

“And I dream I’m an eagle.
And I dream I can spread my wings”


She gave into the feeling of moving up, the surge to fly. She erected herself, stood on her toes, spread her arms, felt her wings materialise and up she hovered. The eagle in her broke free, giving into all issues that characterised her…

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