Attacks will come in many different ways and some of these will come against your happiness. Sometimes our words will be twisted, sometimes we will be ostracized for our views, sometimes we will be deliberately misquoted, sometimes we will be the victims of a whispering campaign where we cannot even pin down the things said against us. 

     The point to remember here is that, these things will happen from time to time. It’s part of what it means to be human. A thing I know, “plainly”,we won’t always get along with everyone. You might want to patiently put up with each other, but in so doing, know that you are going to have to put up with a lot of nonsense, so you better get used to it. 

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       Sometimes people hear what they want to hear and believe whats ever been said regardless of the facts. Do not be overly surprised when despite our best efforts or actions trying to prove them wrong are criticized. It’s possible that in our haste to defend ourselves, we will talk too much, too soon and with too much emotion. Sometimes it will be best not to explain yourself. 

       You know you are in the victim mode when you feel wronged, usually by friends involving unfair accusations, where you cannot get your side of the story fairly told. The whole thing eats at you day and night and you become consumed with the issue until you lose your focus completely and may say foolish things that hurt yourself and others and nothing is solved. 

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      Though you are falsely accused, always mind what comes out of your mouth, do not say anything in a heated moment that you will regret later.

     Even if they are unfairly judging your heart, do not presume to judge theirs. Sometimes the Lord uses these very painful times to move us on to a new level in life. I do not think we can always see in advance what God may be doing in these times of trouble, but He’s always there to support us. Just be calm, pray and leave the results in God’s hands. 
©Elynjay, 2017.



  1. 984b gracious scapegoat says:

    I am trying, but when people shake a carbonated pop over and over on over then open it, people will get sticky. It won’t care who did what how many times and what they knew.


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