They do not mind when you fall behind.

They do not mind when the world crashes down around you. 

They do not mind when you strive to have a better life.

They do not mind when you are locked up in jail. 

Nobody really cares when you live a life full of shame, when you are troubled and hurt. 

I see them coming after my soul because I had no one to lean on. 

They wanted to take control. 

They wanted me to believe in all the material things like my life depended on it. 

They say it is only what the world had to offer. 

This burden I bare is so hard. 

I know I want to get the most out of life, but if trouble must come, let it come because I am protected by the Most High (JESUS). 


In order to survive 

I rise on a prayer everyday,

That is all I got to take me through .

“PRAYER”; ……. Helping me free myself from everything that holds me captive. 

I will not give in because I AM NOT AFRAID. 

©Elynjay, 2017.