Been MIA for some time now due to network problems (bad reception) …. Missed being here, here’s an article to make up for all the days I have been away…  It feels good to be back.    

           An angel appeared to me 

                  at my door step,

             I cannot believe she heard 

                   my prayers.

            Reaching out her precious

           hand, She pointed to the 

                 dream I had. 

          Guiding me onto a road that

                 takes me on my way. 

          Can this be? I asked in 


          Just believe in yourself is what 

                 she had to say. 

           You are the obstacle who  is

                standing in your way. 

          To reach or achieve your dream, 

               you only need to believe

          in yourself and rely on the Lord. 


©Elynjay, 2017.


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