I fell beneath the shady forest 

My heart was still racing 

I was breathing 

Why did the earth beneath me quiver and rapture? 

Why was I suddenly freckled with layers of dust? 

Why did everything start to clatter and crash? 

I could not see anyone 

I could not see YOU. 

My eyes felt heavy 

Somebody held me by my hand

I clinged to HIS body like the slightest amount of Hope. 

HIS touch healed my broken soul 

And at once, I knew it was LORD. 

I did not cry, I just couldn’t 

HE smiled at me and lifted me up 

I wondered about the stories been told about how wonderful HE is. 

The good HE did in the world and is still doing 

How did this happen? 

Was it my fault I fell?, I asked 

No!, He said, you just got lost in the world and now you have been found. 

©Elynjay, 2017.


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