A wind came up one night and then a sudden gust blew the flower that rested next to her. 

It tossed it like a speck of dust. She looked at it as the wind carried the flower to a different spot across the roadside. 

Careless, she left the flower and off she went home. Days passed by and the flower was still at the same spot, until clouds formed in the sky and a rain soon did come. 

The heavy rain moved the flower, and it began its roadside journey. Its stay had been a bore. The rain washed the flower from the roadside till it fell into a creek. 

Down the creek, the flower was washed towards a cave. Though the flower got destroyed, it made a stop at the cave where its journey ended. 


The flower represents HOPE 

And the cave as the CREATOR. 

The flower ( though got destroyed) stopping at the cave means; 

* There is hope for those who think they’ve been destroyed with troubles of life or has lost it all. 

* The light of the lord never stops shinning on those that falls or rest at HIS feet. 

©Elynjay, 2017


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