I am trying to find my way back to myself, I had to let go and keep my distance because you were never mine. I fell in love when we were together and even when we were no more, I fell deeper in love in the months we were apart. 

But I guess you do not understand. The worst of it all, I am finding it hard to be with someone else. My heart never seem to trust my mind. I have come to love you so much, even when I tried so hard not to. I could not help but to love. No matter  how much I wanted to be dissapointed, I could not. But then my soul wants to be free, free from the pain inside of me. 

I feel like you have a hold of me. This is not me, my heart is out my chest, wondering about, looking for a solution. I do not even know  what I feel anymore. IF IT IS FEAR OR LOVE. I want to be happy again. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Surprisingly, my mind started telling my heart; 

If you expect the worse, you are only denying someone a chance to be better. 

Some things can be fixed, lots of them but unlike relationships, just like an egg, cannot be put together, when broken. 

Many times, relationships between people cannot be fixed because they should not be FIXED. We are just too stubborn to let go of the things that is long gone. 

I think all ex’S  should be given a second chance, but with somebody else. 

Letting go does not mean you love them any less, it shows that you value yourself more than they did. 


©invisibleLyn, 2017.

(Joycelyn Baah)

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