I should have always listened to you with deep interest. I would have known what you had in mind for me. 
Why am I so self-important?, Over thinking and drowning in my own false thoughts, I let you slip away, breaking my own heart. 

Been all around this world. In dark clouds, I searched for you. Calling out your name in SPACE, hoping you could hear me. I have so much to tell you, but I know you cannot hear me anymore. 

So many questions, but I’m talking to myself. I climbed down underground to listen for a new sound of your voice, but the longer I stood there, the louder the silence. 

For the last time, I returned with a strong and a hoping heart, but under the blue sky, everything became so loud inside my head with heart warming words I should have said to you. 

I know that you are gone but sometimes, I hear your voice when the wind blows making me sink in my regrets, because I cannot take back the hurtful words I used on you. 

My heart goes with you everyday, though it was my fault you walked away. I wish you could leave a light 💡 in the window just to lead me to you by its glow. 

©Elynjay1, 2016.



  1. hoodmantra says:

    Beautiful words, do not swim in a pool of regret, the moments after words are said they belong in the past and the past is Done! Make today a better day than yesterday, shape your future by your present actions, thoughts and words.

    Liked by 1 person

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