When I am down 

I fall asleep in my own tears

War inside my mind 

Shadows of failure in my dreams 

Storms that steer me out of reach 

I don’t recall the last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful .

To hide from my broken dreams and the ache of heartbreak from failure 

I built a cage to hide in just to wait on my defeat. Never to stand. 

But for the very first time, I saw the Light 💡 

The Light 💡 that gave me a signal of hope 

that I am not done yet. 

There is still a fight in me left. 

I may be down but not out. 

I still believe this broken wings will soar. 

I am stronger than before and nobody knows how lucky I am to be ALIVE. 

Birdy… /… Aurora

©Elynjay1, 2016