Sometimes what you are afraid of is the very thing that will set you free. 

In good intention, I labelled a world; “TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE thought myself FREE”.

 I take whatever life gives me and hope that I make right decisions. Making right decisions gives the heart a good feeling.  

    *the day I apologized

    *the day I forgave 

   *the day I found my anger and threw it out the door, became the best day of my life. 

I never claimed perfection. No one knows the duration of his or her journey. Waste your time and you will find nothing. Days grow short and nights vanish.

I never chose life to be easy 

I never sought for joy without sweat. The purpose of life is inside you. 

Whatever penalty anyone serves us, let’s remember that the journey together is so short and cannot be reversed. Learn to Apologize, always Forgive.

Leave all of your regrets to sink like ship wrecks, through the oceans dark. 

Learn from your mistakes and Encounter Life Journey Without Regrets.

Life/ Decision / Road To No Regrets

©Elynjay1, 2016.



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