It is not about having a priest place his hands on you or going under the deliverance of a man of God to become whole again. It is by having faith and believing the Lord for what you want. He has His ears turned to you, He will hear your plea. 

Matthew 9:16; she said to herself “if I only touch His cloak; I will get well. 

I shall be whole, or “I shall be saved “,that is from her disease, from which she could have no deliverance, by the advice and prescriptions of all her former physicians, and by all the means she had made use of. 

There was nothing in the hem of Christ’s garment more than in the hem of any other to convey a blessing. A multitude was thronging all around Him, hustling against Him, and yet receiving no benefit. Only one woman in all of that crowd believed that His sacred person was full of healing blessing, so that if only she could come in contact with Him, she would be at once healed. She recognized that one touch of Christ could overcome all the powers of darkness of this world. And He in turn recognized that touch of timid faith, even amid the pressure of the crowd. It is thus today within the church of Jesus Christ. Christ still conveys strength and healing to us through outward means. And if the hem of Christ’s garment had such power to heal and bless when touched by faith, how much more shall the Body and Blood Of Christ, received by faith in our  hearts, have power for the strengthening and for the refreshing of our souls. 

Copyright statement, Nisbet James.


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