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    You will come to a place in your life over and over again,where you have to let go of an old facet of who you are. This is part of the graceful flow of age, it is part of spiritual evolution, no one can stay same forever. 
This is a hurdle most people of us have to overcome, especially with the people whom we live and associate with. People see us in the identity that most applies to them. You will always be your father’s little girl or your best friend ‘s wing man or whatever. But what happens when you outgrow this? 

People become frustrated,they become uncomfortable, everything they understood about you no longer makes sense. There is nothing relative for them to hold on to, in turn, you become insecure about who you are or your growth. You begin to ask yourself; 

* Am I different? 

* Is something wrong with me? 

* Am I depressed? 

* Am I beginning to be arrogant? 

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    No! You are just growing, Do not let the weight of who you were lock you into who you want to be, but note, do not be rude because you are growing out of an old facet, keep on smiling and act politely. Life is a dance of our intrinsic nature, juxtaposed with your current circumstances. See it in living color, don’t limit its growth or its beauty. 
Accumulate your experience, let them refine the light within you. These are the the things that take you closer to who you are. Sometimes you will think you have it all figured out and suddenly the whole thing will topple over. Thank the universe, and move on to the next thing. Live fluidly, not chronically. You can hold onto experiences but treasure them for they remind you where you came from  and know that they are little bread crumbs on the path to where you are going.

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©Elynjay 2016.



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