This may be the most difficult affirmation you will ever make. To really honour yourself is something that takes courage and bravery beyond comparison. It is a delicate balance of trusting your feelings, believing in your ideas and not letting the “truths” of others swaying you in a direction that does not quite fit with your spirit. 

   Honoring who you are does not mean making excuses for your short comings. It means Seeing, and Feeling What Is Right For You, In This Moment Now. When you sit down and make any decision, it should strike a positive chord deep within you, it should feel right. 

 *What turns you on? 

 *What makes you feel alive? 

  *What makes you feel infinite, expansive, and whole?. 

  *What makes you feel like you are getting closer to something?. 

   Pinpoint where you are, in each situation, navigate your life with a sense of awareness being conscious of your thoughts and feelings as you move through. We all play different roles; have different identities. Each one being is unique to the situation we are. These identities are just facets of the whole self. You are multidimensional. The goal is not  to shed the masks or the facets, the goal rather is to become fluid moving in and out of each place. 

    Pressure and intensity of our responsibilities makes us hyper focus on one facet. You are not the facets of your personality, you are the core of the diamond, the light that burns within the lantern. Let yourself shine through in all situations. When we talk about true self, we are talking about the fire that is within, the fuel that is beautiful divine light. 


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