There are times when all our strength must be “in quietness and confidence” (Isaiah 30:15). So long as we have means of resistance put in our power, with a reasonable prospect of success, it is our duty to use them—to exert ourselves to the uttermost, to make all possible efforts. God, for the most part, “helps those who help themselves.”

 But there are occasions when we can do nothing—when all must be left to Him. (2Chronicles 20:17.) Under these circumstances, our duty and our true wisdom is to wait patiently, quietly, courageously. 

Moses, probably, did not yet know how God would effect Israel’s deliverance, but he was confident that, in one way or another, it would be effected.

“Ellicott’s Commentary .


7 thoughts on “FEAR YE NOT 

  1. Papberry says:

    Thank you dear for this message.
    I love this verse so much maybe prolly cos it’s one of the first verses I learnt in primary school that cannot leave my heart, it’s so deep rooted!
    Thanks for the reminder

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  2. Imaobong says:

    I loved this article!
    Our wrestle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual, and so we need to understand when we should step down, hand it over to Him and rest at the place of Grace
    Thank you for this ☺

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  3. Samuel Baah says:

    Surely, this is blessed words of assurance. We are helpless, and weak in ourselves, but he, God is our help in ages past, our hope for year to come, and he is strong and mighty to see us through in all situations. God bless you

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