Most times you are happy until somebody or a circumstance comes along and show you something different. We’ve all been damaged, we have  all been hurt, we have all had to learn painful lessons, we are all recovering from some mistakes, loss, betrayal, abuse and misfortune. 
  Of pain you could wish for only one thing; that it should stop. Never allow people and circumstances control your life or define you, do not let pain bring you down. 

   One thing I have come to know is; 

* People survive war.   

* People survive pain

* People survive disasters 

 * People survive sadness.    

 * People survive people. 

So why wouldn’t you? Do not think of yours as a punishment. In times of trauma, try to maintain a sense of normality. No matter what lies in your past, think of overcoming the dark side and press on a brighter world. Instead of saying; Im damaged, I’m broken, I have trust issues…  Say; I‘m rediscovering myself, I’m starting over

If you possess inner strength, you are a SURVIVOR. You are stronger than you know. 


©elynjay 2016. 


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