She was a happy little girl, all she wanted was to be loved and feel very happy all the time. 
At the age of nine, her own cousin sexually abused her, she cried. As young as she was, she thought of her cousin’s well being. She could have told her parents, but she kept it to herself. Her cousin knowing that, took advantage, he did it not once but anytime he felt like. 

One day, Emily locked herself up in her room, there was no one around, she was scared, so she started crying. As she kept crying, the room became dark, a shadow appeared to her and asked why she was crying. 

With her eyes clouded with tears, she couldn’t open her eyes to see what it was. Emily told the shadow everything that has happened. She opened her eyes to look at whatever she was talking to, it was a female. 

The shadow was called Lily. Lily sat by Emily and told her she was going to help her only if she wants that. Emily thought she was an angel, so she nodded her head in agreement. Lily came unto Emily and had an intercourse with her. Emily was still young, had no idea of what was going on. After everything, Lily told Emily “we are one now”….you will forever despise your cousin, and you will have to destroy the heart of men, you will be into women and love them, but when you change your mind to love very much  a man, you will forever be sleeping with him even when you want to stop, you can never stop. 

I will disappear until you feel you need me again. Lily went away after she said this to Emily. Emily became a lesbian for some years but stopped as she grew. Now she is 27, she’s found someone special, but things are not working out, she keeps breaking up with him and try to fix things for a come back, she cried, Lily was at work because she decided to fall in love. Emily tried her best, things worked out and they got back together but it collapsed again. Though it’s over between Emily and him, she keeps giving herself to him, they both can’t control themselves when around each other. 

She masturbates anytime she feels she wants to make out and it’s keeping her in distress. She cannot stop even though she wants to. She started reading her Bible, fasting and praying to God, but anytime she sees her ex, they sleep together. When she’s left alone, she will cry and ask God why she keeps on doing that, she will plead with God and move on. 

Emily loves God and has come to know Him, she wants to be loved one day, get married and have kids, she wants to be a better person, she’s broken and very sad, she’s never happy but pretends to be. She really loves her ex and doesn’t want to destroy him. She really adores him, but she can’t do anything about it. 



Please share your ideas to help a friend.. I love my friend Emily and I want her to be a better person as that’s what she wants too. Thank you. 


9 thoughts on “LET’S HELP EMILY 

  1. joseyphina says:

    This seems like a spiritual situation. She needs to go through deliverance and counseling. She also needs someone to be accountable to who would help her break the habit. She should avoid her ex at all costs.

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