The universal consequence of sin is separation from God and loss of fellowship with Him. In the story of the fall, Adam and Eve disobey the command of God and give in to the temptation to sin. They seek to evade the Lord’s presence, hiding from Him among the trees of the garden. He calls out to them but their response to His seeking is fear.(Genesis 3:8-13). 

  Though God seeks us, and we are sometimes aware of His presence, there remains a separation caused by our disobedience, with resulting guilt and fear. Separated from God, the the source of community, our relationships are threatened. Isolation and fragmentation destroy the fragile communion we have with one another and with the created world. This profound sense of isolation may stimulate a search for truth about the meaning of life. But only a desire to turn to him will result in an encounter with the living God. 

   For God’s part, the consequence of sin is the punishment of the disobedient. In the Genesis narrative, Adam and Eve are banished from the garden where they have enjoyed God’s presence and companionship. They experience the reality of the wrath of God. (Genesis 3:14-24).

©The Salvation Army handbook of Doctrine. 


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