It entered and whispered, there is no time left. It was hard to understand what it meant by “There is no time left”
It was light on its feet, I did not hear it come through the door. 

Its face was buried in a dark linen. There was a bit of fear because I could not see its face. But with courage I stood up to it. 

As it got closer, I felt weak but then, it turned and wrote out its name on the wall. 


I looked inside of me and said to myself, I will welcome and entertain you all, even if they are a crowd of sorrows. It may be clearing me out but I know it will come with a new delight if I fight it…which is;  JOY AND LAUGHTER. 

Though all this may come to me, I will not let them crash me down. It is just A VISITOR. 

Be grateful for whatever comes because each has been sent as a guide from above…. just to make you stronger. 


4 thoughts on “A VISITOR 

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    Story Title : A Visitor

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