Many times people pray using all sort of words, striking their enemies with fire and whatever comes in mind. Praying for your enemy to die will not solve the issues you are facing in life.

How do they have a change in mind when they die, there is no more salvation after death; once this life is over, there will be no more second chances . Matthew 5:43-44 says; you have heard that, it was said, love your friends, hate your enemies. 44. But now I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. 

   The only way to pray for your enemies not to stand in your way is to ask God to reveal Himself to them and set in confusion for any plans they have against you, to save you from them, for they are too strong for you. If you believe in your Father, the Most High, and have faith in Him, He will never let any harm befall you because you are been soaked in His blood. 

   Pray for them, because judging them is not helping them grow, “the wrong one does, they already  know”. Love your enemies as dirty or wicked they are. They have lost their way and so have you, none of us are perfect.Romans 2:23 says; For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

   Today, you might be praying against and destroying someone because you think they are your enemy, but have you thought about it this way; that someone somewhere is seriously praying against you or a loved one. We sometimes sin unconsciously, not knowing who you’ve wronged, they take it at heart and assume you to be their enemy 

   So you see why you should not pray for your enemies to be destroyed but for  them to have a change in mind for whatever they are planning against you. 


   Just sit down and ask yourself; WHO IS MY ENEMY. 





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