GOD MADE KNOWN .

      All generations have witnessed to an awareness of divine presence, or to a conviction that the beauty and order of the universe suggest an almighty Creator. But God must always remain essentially a mystery to His creation and unaided, we can make little progress in any quest to discover the saving truth about Him. 

    Since our perceptions have been affected by sin, our understanding of God is clouded and distorted. We believe that God, through His actions, has made known to us what we could never discover for ourselves – His loving character, saving power and eternal purpose. He has “removed the veil”   that shrouded His mystery. This self-revelation of God is faithfully preserved and presented in the living record of holy scripture. 

     Revelation is a gift of grace, arising from God’s love for humanity and the divine intention that we should come to know, love, serve and enjoy God forever. The Bible is the record and written expression of the revelation. The insights of non-Christian religions may indicate spiritual awareness and understanding, but they do not present Jesus Christ as the Word made flesh. 


   The term revelation means to ‘remove the veil ‘. In the Bible, revelation is seen to grow from the lesser to the greater and from the partial to the perfect. The self-revealing of God recorded in the Old Testament is gradual and necessarily partial, since it prepared the way for the coming of Christ, God’s full and final revelation.


The way for the coming of Christ 

©The Salvation Army. 


  1. Romans 1:20,21-32
  2. Jeremiah 31:3
  3. Psalm 68:19,20
  4. Isaiah 55:8-11, John 3:16
  5. John 1:14-18.

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