It can be hard to admit to feelings of loneliness, but the question is; Are we all destined to be lonely?. No man is an island, entire of itself, Every man is a piece of continent, a part of the main(John Donne).          Some people seek isolation but few choose to be lonely. Loneliness does not only make us unhappy, but it is bad for us, it can lead to lack of confidence, depression, stress and anxiety. 

       People feel lonely for different reasons, it could be poor health, illness, feeling cut off from family and friends. Often it when people lose a sense of purpose and contribution. 


Dealing with loneliness can take many forms; 

  1. Meeting new people. 
  2. Appreciating your alone time 
  3. Try reconnecting with your family and friends; spending time with the few friends you have can keep you going than to make lots of friends and still feel lonely. The few friends you have 

    is enough to keep you smiling.  



  4. Watch a movie; immerse yourself in an interesting movie that will erase your thoughts of feeling lonely. Watch any movie but a tear jerker, you can grab a popcorn while you watch, it makes you feel busy and it’s fun.  


    5. Read more or read fiction to keep your mind occupied. Do not read books that is about “how to stop feeling lonely “,reading “self-help” when you are feeling miserable will make you feel worse. Lose yourself in a good story (novel) comic or adventurous.  

      The most important of all, get to know yourself better. Find out about the things that makes you happy and burn away anything that breaks your heart. 


Stay Happy


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