For a moment, I closed my eyes and everything I wanted to say to God could not reflect. I was in a total darkness, my mind was blunt. I searched into my heart and I saw the light, I had nearly lost confidence.
   I thought I would not make it, my mind, my strength and my faith was gone. Everything in my life came crashing down, I felt so all alone, stuck in the feeling of pain and despair. Looking at my life in broken pieces, then again I searched for the Lord in my heart.


    When my thoughts were bitter and my feelings were hurt, I was as stupid as an animal, I did not understand the Lord yet I always stayed close to Him. “You hold me by the hand, You guide me with Your instruction and at the end You will receive me with honour “.
    What else have I in heaven but You?, since I have You, what else could I want on earth?. My mind and my body may grow weak but God is my strength, He is all I ever need. How wonderful to be near You, Sovereign Lord..


             Joyous Blessing (Psalm 73).


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