One of the struggles I find with living ”authentically” is the flack we get from others, especially those we love and respect. People want us to be who we are to them, not what we are to ourselves. Sadly, who you want to be, or who you really are might not be whom your parents, your partner, friends or co-workers see you as.

People are constantly creating molds for us to fit in and when we blur those lines or step out of them, they become uncomfortable. The heart of the matter is that, they are uncomfortable with their own identity. They need boxes and labels to put on things to make them feel safe.This isn’t your burden to bear, blow up the boxes, dance to the beat of your own drum, know that if it isn’t feeding you, then you don’t need to be responsible for it.

You have no commitment to keep the people around you comfortable, if it keeps your own lights dim. If someone really loves you, respects you and wants what’s best for you, they will honor but not criticize you.

You may need to remind these people that, they are guest in your life. There is no bond, not ONE that requires you to die down your own feelings to keep the peace for someone else. Friends and family should be apart of your little world because they bring light, color, and movement to it.

Just remember that your life, your beautiful little life is a world, a world that is made of your dreams, your desires and your feelings, it is your inner kingdom.

If you let other people rule, you will quickly find out that nothing feels good, nothing feels like home. If someone cannot accept your dream then let them dream on somewhere else.

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