I went through days and evenings featuring at the clear page looking through the most profound corners of my brain.

Who have I been, what have I seen, what did I learn?

I contemplated all the evenings I have spent outside, constantly I set down to cry and how I took a full breath each day and chose to just go on.

Because what else is there to do?

If I could discover words to legitimize those emotions I have conveyed. I could compose the thickest of books with blasts of feelings from a lost heart.

I could make you see, make you hear, make you feel, at least a tiny fragment of what is out there.


©invisiblelyn, 2020.

(Joycelyn Baah)



Living in an awful dream

Caught in my brain

The most noticeably awful wreckage I am pitifully attempting to tidy up is the one I have inside.

So among all the wars I need to fight, I wish I could have won the one among myself and me.


©InvisibleLyn, 2020.

(Joycelyn Baah)


You will meet different people in your whole life who are truly like an absolete abandoned houses.

Rundown, worn out and collapsing at the seams….. emptying their faces of expression.

They feel even emptier when they look into a broken mirror.

I am not asking you to be their hero by nailing and pinning their rafters with a hammer, fixing their broken mirrors, putting new panes of glass in their windows.

I am simply asking you to open their door and spend a little time memorizing their floor plan.

Get to know them

Connect with them on human level

And when the time comes, I want you to draw back their curtains and let the light through.

And when they feel the light for the very first time, they will know how lucky it feels to be alive.


©invisibleLyn, 2020

(Joycelyn Baah)



Happiness requires letting go and learning to forget.

Worry won’t change the past, so forget what can’t be changed and focus on the future.

©invisiblelyn, 2020.

(Joycelyn Baah).


She said it was beautiful and endless,

It was full yet seemed empty.

Among her stillness was a pounding heart.

So later at midnight, I placed an atlas on a table,

Ran my fingers across the world and calmly asked;

Where does it hurt?

She answered,




I asked again… looking at the far end of the atlas,

What do you see?

The facts are painful… but it has a healing effect… she said..


©invisibleLyn, 2020




He went on for some time while you sat listening in silence.

You knew that was all you were ever going to get, ‘REJECTION’.

The picture was beautiful, but it was only for a short while.

You loved him more perfectly, watched him more closely and held on the ambition of a long lasting love…but he had casually thrown it away.

So many feelings misplaced, so many pieces lost. You have been misled into a broken maze with your own will.

Excuses, like the walls were everything you ever needed and stupidity because you knew it was a dead end. Even though, they are your own feelings, you seem not to figure out where you are heading.

Spending much time, energy, and sanity like it was worth it. Get lost and bleed emotions like it’s hard to forget. You disappointed your own self and it’s hard to forget.

Your brain unattended and your heart took the hit, got knocked out and woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Now you are left with a scar and mind full of words unsaid.

©invisibleLyn, 2020

(Joycelyn Baah)

R: Mennah al Rafaey (Goodreads).


Dear me,


I am sorry that you tried so desperately to fit in when they kept pushing you away.

I am sorry that you had to say sorry even when you knew they were at fault.

I am sorry that you gave every bit of your time and effort to people that did not give the same amount back.

I am sorry that there were days when smiling hurt and it felt like taking a bitter pill but you forced yourself to laugh just to prevent people from asking you what was wrong.

I am sorry you had to say YES just to make them happy even when you were supposed to say NO.

I am sorry you kept holding on when your hands were bleeding and shaking even though you had to let go.

I am sorry you had to put your trust in people because you thought they could help when you knew very well they were all fair weather friends.

I am sorry you got lost in ‘YOU’ and stayed because you needed love, care, and attention even though you knew nothing good was going to come out of it.

I am sorry that I did not give you enough time to heal, that I let you seal the wounds of everyone else whilst your own were bleeding.

I am so much sorry that I did not love you, like you deserved to be loved.

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©invisibleLyn, 2020.

(Joycelyn Baah)



Every concern you have, great and small, matters to the Father because you matter to Him. Whether it pertains to your career, your finances, your education, your love life, your marriage, your parents and children, or your appearance, bring it to Him.

Keep bringing it to Him until you find the peace to get up off your knees and face the day, confident in the knowledge that He cares for you.

Stop coveting what others have and start asking God for what He knows is best for you.

What is your heart aching for? Spend some time in absolutely free uninhibited conversation with God about what you feel you lack. Ask Him to bless you in the way He knows is best and to reveal His love to you along the way.

Finding peace within ( google image)

©invisibleLyn, 2020.

(Joycelyn Baah)


             (A GIFT TO SHARE “☺ “)

How do you respond when you are given a beaming smile?, you mostly smile back and probably feel happier too. 

Genuine smiles, whether from friends, a family member or total strangers are infectious and evoke good feelings. A sincere smile indicates positive emotions such as amusement, happiness and pleasure. 

Smile, indeed is built into our nature. You do yourself a favor when you smile, it increases your confidence and reduce feelings of stress. 

Perhaps, you may feel that life’s anxieties give you little cause for smiling. Remember, though, that feelings are usually preceded by thought. (Philippians 4:8,9).

As hard as it may seem, try dwelling on positive and pleasant things whenever possible. Do not wait for others to smile at you. Take the initiative – add a little happiness to someone else’s day. 

See your smile for what it really is; a divine gift that enriches you and the people around you. 

KEY: the words “Happy” and “joy” and their derivatives occur hundreds of times in the Bible. Try reading a page or two, who knows? You may also find yourself smiling more often.

  • Matthew 5:3,10
  • Philippines 4:6,7.

©invisibleLyn, 2017.